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-I am a medical provider in Fort Worth, and I have referred a few patients to see Dr. Stewart. He has done amazing work with their allergies, and we will continue to send patients to see him in the future! Thanks Dr. Stewart for all you do!                                    Southside Medical Clinic         

-Hey Dr Stewart!!! This morning at 3:30AM, while I listened to my entire family sneeze, cough, snort, and wheeze I thought about how thankful I am for you. I am having zero allergy symptoms and I know you're the reason. I would have gotten a full night of beauty sleep if it wasn't the the allergy sufferers in my house. You're the BOMB!!! Thank you!!!                                                                                                                  K.M.

-Dr. Stewart used his calming power to help my 12 year old daughter not only face the fear of needles but to successfully go through acupuncture treatments. In return, she went from one migraine a week to no migraines in 3 weeks! Her anxiety is better, she sleeps better and most importantly her migraines have dissipated. Thank you Dr. Stewart!                                                                                                                                          Kelly J

-My daughter and I both had severe allergies, as well as several other food allergies. I had been plagued by a skin rash for years, and it was affecting my job as I am in the fashion industry. My daughter was so severely allergic to dairy, that even touching it could cause her eyes to swell shut, excessive sneezing and watery eyes, and even her throat to feel like it was closing. It was scary sometimes. After being treated by Dr. Stewart, my rash is completely gone. So we decided to try treating my daughter as well. She ate her first bite of ice cream this week and her first piece of cheese pizza!! We could cry we are so happy! If you are skeptical, TRY IT OUT! I have no doubt you will be pleasantly surprised!!                                                                                                        Jenny C

-I feel so much better in just the short time I’ve been doing acupuncture and NAET…very thankful I found Dr Stewart. Would highly recommend him!!! Reasons for seeing him are anxiety, depression, feeling very hopeless and allergies(seasonal and food)          Katrina H

-Eliminated my ulnar nerve issue! Also, my sciatic nerve problem 10 years ago!                  David F.

- Dr. Stewart is heaven sent! TRULY!!                                                                                          My son used to have severe allergies that we were told was causing his asthma attacks that resulted in frequent, almost daily, uses of breathing treatments. I knew I had to find another solution after my son was hospitalized for pneumonia after using budesonide breathing treatment (which if you read the side effects pneumonia is one of them) prescribed by his western medical Dr.                                                                          After the traumatic visit to the ER and three nights in the hospital I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I refused to accept that this was going to be his fate for life, like his Dr.’s had told me it would be.                                                                                          I decided to search for a natural treatment for Allergies and NAET came up. But I still thought maybe an allergy specialist would know better, so I went to a traditional allergy specialist and they told me I would have to come for treatments weekly for a year as well as buy medicine and that they would never be able to fully eliminate his allergies but they would greatly lessen. I asked the Dr. about NAET because I had read that it eliminates allergies, not just lessens them and he replied saying “that hasn’t been studied or proven (via western medical system) and therefore, he said it wasn’t effective. But in my gut I didn’t believe that to be true, so I decided to give Dr. Stewart a try and it WORKED and fast! It change our life!                                                                      My little guy is 5 years old and no longer takes allergy medicine or breathing treatments and no longer has issues with allergies or asthma! We all sleep soundly because the stress of whether or not he is breathing has completely been eliminated! What a gift! His joy and energy came back as well.                                                                      It is a little mind blowing because the process is truly so simple and easy it seems a bit too good to be true. But I am a forever believer in NAET now and will always try NAET first for any health or emotional issue we may be facing.                                                Dr. Stewart is incredible! What an incredible gift! If you are wanting relief in anyway for anything contact Dr. Stewart and see if NAET is your answer. It was ours!          Thank you Dr. Stewart you are truly a blessing!                                                                    Kristen M.

-  Dr. John Stewart’s treatments have helped our family so much. He works wonders. I came across Dr. Stewart when looking for NAET treatments for autism.
    Our 6 year old daughter has high functioning autism. I had read that many scientists and experts think autism stems from allergies and autoimmune issues. After reading this, I began researching allergy treatments and I came across NAET. There was a clinical study on how it had drastically helped autistic children. I loved how NAET treated allergies in a non-evasive way. I thought to myself, “Why not? What do we have to lose and possibly everything to gain?!?”
    Boy, were we right!!! We are so, so thankful we found Dr. Stewart. He is a true healer and has such a gentle spirit and patient nature about him that our daughter was naturally at ease with him. My daughter has gained so much from “Dr. John’s treatments” as she calls them.
    We saw immediate changes in her upon her first treatment! It was like a light was switched on inside of her and for the first time we were starting to see what was hidden inside of that amazing brain & personality of hers.
    Our daughter is now 11 treatments into her plan and she is such a changed little girl. Dr Stewart and his NAET treatments have helped our autistic daughter’s brain to open up and run free! Her social skills have dramatically increased to where now no one at her school or in public can tell she is autistic. She can carry on a conversation with her peers & make friends, where as before she could not. She now makes eye contact and holds it.
She no longer experiences long drawn out emotional melt downs like she did in the past. Her irritability has decreased. She now recognizes facial expressions, tone of voice, and is even catching on to humor which were all things she couldn’t do before. Hey, she can even crack jokes now!!
    Her vocabulary has increased exponentially and her autism teacher and classroom teacher are amazed at how much she has improved in such a short period of time that could only be contributed to the NAET treatments. There is hope that after she finishes with all her treatments she might not even need the autism support at school!!!
    We know our daughter will always be on the “quirky” side, but we have faith & know in our hearts that NAET has and will continue to unlock pathways in her brain/personality that would have otherwise remained closed off from the world. We are forever grateful to NAET & Dr. Stewart.
    I would also like to add that I do acupuncture with Dr. Stewart. I was 39 and having no monthly cycles for years. It was confirmed that I wasn’t in menopause and it was due to PCOS. I had been to many fertility doctors over the years, but none could help other than to prescribe me a pill to get my cycle started each month. After my first acupuncture treatment my cycle returned and they have been like clock work ever since. Also, my IBS is gone as well. Dr Stewart is definitely a healer. I would highly recommended him for any ailments you might have.
    He has 3 locations in the Fort Worth area that he practices out of so there is surely one near you. Please check him out! You won’t regret it.
  ~The “G” family

-Dr. Stewart has done a phenomenal job ridding my son of his allergies with NAET therapy. I was a little skeptical at first, but my son, who is 6 years old, has been taking Allegra every day for allergies since he was 1 year old. He started NAET therapy with Dr. Stewart in April 2018 and was able to discontinue the Allegra almost immediately. I am so very pleased with Dr. Stewart and I recommend him to all my family, friends and my patients!                                                                                                                            Angie M.

-My son had been suffering from migraines since the age of 8. Dr. Stewart has helped so much, my boy has come back, laughing, playing and no migraines. We have been able to stop one medication and are weaning him off the other. Thank you Dr.Stewart.                                                                                                                                      Venus H.

-Dr Stewart is amazing!!!! Using NAET, he completely cured me from my latex allergy. I could not even go into Walmart without my face itching as soon as I walked into the door because the plastic bags they used to use contained latex. If my skin touched latex I would immediately swell up in that area, turn bright red and have terrible itching! It is wonderful not to have to deal with that anymore! The acupuncture treatements are excellent! They have helped me following a bad car wreck when nothing else did! I also take Chinese herbs that Dr Stewart individualizes for me that has helped with hot flashes as well as other things. This is an excellent wholestic healthcare practice and I highly recommend it!                                                                          Kelly G. 

-I was a migraine sufferer for far too many years. I wish I had found Dr. Stewart years ago! I have been migraine free for over a year and a half! I recommend him to everyone I know!                                                                                                                            Ashley B.

-Dr. Stewart, I woke up this morning with no pain in my foot! For the first time in months it didn't hurt to walk. Thank you!!!                                                                              Deanna P.

-As a Chiropractor, I'm always looking for the best natural solutions to health problems for my patients and myself.  I've struggled with seasonal allergies year in year out like clockwork and couldn't find any long term and consistent solutions.  Through working with Dr. Stewart using NAET and acupuncture I can gladly say I've found something that works.  For the first time since I was a teenager I made it through an entire allergy season without reaching for the medicine cabinet once!              Dr. Steve Sanders, DC    Fort Worth, TX

-Dr. Stewart has been of tremendous help with my food sensitivities. (I can now eat many foods that caused reactions in the past). Best of all, he has helped my 6 year old daughter’s severe eczema. She went from having it on her eyelids, face, ears, neck, shoulders, back, stomach, hands, feet, legs and bottom to having only one small spot on a thumb. The rest of her body is clear! We have been able to decrease her allergy medications dramatically. I expect to be able to discontinue them completely this month. She has taken these medications for years and really suffered without them. Now she no longer needs them. Thank you Dr. Stewart and NAET!                                        Amy S.

-I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Stewart for over two years. After trying conventional allergy injections with minimal results, a family member suggested that I see Dr. Stewart. I have experienced amazing results. Just recently, we went camping in an area with many cedar trees. In the past, I would have had to use an inhaler because of my sensitivity to cedar, but now I can enjoy the outdoors thanks to the methods he uses! I highly recommend him.                                                                                                      Rebecca R.

-Dr. John Stewart has helped me to continue working! I am a LMT, and I rely on Dr. Stewart's acupuncture skills to keep my wrists and hands functioning!
I also use Chinese herbs from Dr. Stewart's Chinese Medicine Pharmacy. These herbs help my body to function more efficiently, helping reduce swelling and pain in my joints, as well as reduce inflammation.
NAET is the allergy treatment that I receive from Dr. Stewart. This helps with typical allergy symptoms, as well as some you might be surprised that he can treat!
I would highly recommend that you call Dr. Stewart at Allergy and Acupuncture Solutions for an appointment! He works wonders for me!
    Nancy R., LMT -- Fort Worth, TX

-Dr. Stewart, Licensed Acupuncturist has in one session stopped the morning routine of my last two weeks of nausea and vomiting and excessive pain! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!                                                                                                          Matt N.

-I walked a mile tonight with Dennis and Chief...kinda hot, but no pain! Pretty good for a candidate for total knee replacement! :)
Thanks again to Dr. Stewart, miracle worker, aka acupuncturist!                                              Karen H.

-Guess what? Stayed the night with my sister and her dogs last night. No allergy attack!                                                                                                                                                Susan E.

-My Hip and leg are so much better. Thank you so much. You are truly a blessing!                S.W.

-Dr. Stewart was recommended to me by a good friend whom he had been treating for chronic allergies. At this point in time I had been fighting a disease called Q-fever for several months. I was hoping Dr. Stewart could help boost my immune system and relieve some of my chronic fatigue. I was in Phase II (the acute stage) of Q-fever and if the body is not strong enough to fight off the bacterium after 6 months the disease can enter into Phase I (the chronic stage). I was determined not to let this happen.

I scheduled weekly sessions with Dr. Stewart for acupuncture and N.A.E.T. treatments. We also added some Chinese herbs into the mix. It took about a month or so and then I started really noticing an amazing difference. I starting feeling fantastic and my energy levels were incredible. The following month I went to see an Infectious Disease Doctor who ran blood work which came back perfect. There was no trace of a Q-fever titer in my blood.

I walked into Dr. Stewart's office a virtual train wreck and five months later I was a new woman! I was totally in balance and felt awesome mentally, physically and emotionally. I have not felt this good in years! I have recommended Dr. Stewart to several friends and family members.                                                                                            Nancy C., Jacksoboro, TX

-Since the mid 1980s, I have suffered from terrible allergies. I did conventional allergy treatments twice, with little results. I managed to exercise and continue my daily life, but particularly when the tree pollens were blooming in the spring, or the ragweed went high in the fall, I was debilitated to the point that I could only make it home from work and lay on the couch.

More recently, my world had been defined by what I could do because of my allergies. I would have to pass on a lot of events, and it seemed like my allergies were affecting me more powerfully. As just one example, I decided to start doing pushups again, and my arms felt terribly weak. I could do 10 pushups, and only partial ones. 

One friend said “if there were 10 words to describe someone, one of yours would be allergies.”

Then I began NAET treatments with Dr. Stewart. I was incredibly impressed by his professionalism and the thorough approach he took toward treating my allergies. I began to notice changes. I write freelance articles for a living, and began to see a dramatic increase in my mental clarity and creativity. Then one day I thought I could do a few extra pushups. I did 15. The next week I did 2 sets of 15 pushups – much more strongly than before.

I’ve done the NAET treatments for several months now, and one friend who also has terrible allergies recently said “Can you feel it, the pollens must be terrible right now. I’m miserable.” I realized that I hadn’t been affected by or even noticed the pollen that day. My world is tremendously changed, and I feel more free than ever before to do what I want to in life.

I can now do 5 sets of 20 pushups, and just signed up to train in a boxing gym, which I never would have considered before NAET. Thanks Dr. Stewart!                                              Dan H., Fort Worth, TX

-Dr. Stewart.. I feel better than I have in weeks! Thanks, thanks...thanks.                                B.S.

-When our son was six years old he was diagnosed with Aspergers, Learning Difficulties, and Dyslexia. He came home from school everyday with severe headaches and a swollen face (from food allergies). He bled every day when he would have a bowel movement and complained daily of stomach pain. Emotionally he was frustrated all the time, other kids and adults made fun of him. He was struggling in school and at home.

We began going through the recommendations of the doctors. Going through testing ie. blood test, urine and stool test, CAT scans, brain scans, monitoring food and sleep and exercise, even going into the ER for enema's. We tried various medications and nothing helped with the bleeding and pain! We started a gluten free diet and this helped with some of the pain but he continued to bleed daily and have headaches, not to mention the emotional issues, the "tantrums" and poor communication.

A little over a year ago we started to see Dr. John Stewart for NAET and Acupuncture, no one in our family had ever received this type of therapy, but I had clients over the years who had raved about their successes. Our first visit was challenging, Ethan was not excited about having needles put in his skin. Dr. Stewart was so patient and kind, and gained Ethan's trust. After the first appointment Ethan was no longer bleeding! He has never bled since then. The headaches and swelling are gone and he is much more tolerant of foods such as dairy and gluten. The abdominal pain is much less often. I have even noticed and had other people tell me that he seems to be getting better emotionally, less tantrums, better sleep patterns.

He actually looks forward to going in for his treatments and seems to sense when he is scheduled to go because he will come and ask if it is time. This is usually within a day or two of his next appointment. It seems to calm and relax him. I believe he actually looks forward to it! He can go into a session very high strung and agitated and come out a peaceful little boy. I would not say this has cured my son's Aspergers but I would say it has changed his life especially concerning his health.

I recently asked him what he thought Acupuncture had done for him and he said "It really helped my life to be better." We are so thankful to have Dr. Stewart in our lives because I have seen the changes in my son and he feels the changes in his life!                  Cortney C.

-Dr. Stewart, is awesome and my favorite thing he's helped me with is that I no longer have to take allergy medicine!                                                                                                      Linda A.

-I have been a patient of Dr. Stewart’s for over a year, and have experienced the health benefits of both acupuncture and NAET. I would recommend Dr. Stewart to anyone who wants to get healthier and stay there.

A week and a half ago I expressed to Dr. Stewart my concern over gaining some weight over the holidays and how difficult it was for me to lose weight. (I am 69 years old and not quite 10 pounds over what the doctor charts say I should weigh for my height.)

Dr. Stewart then treated me with acupuncture for it, and that same day I could tell a difference. It was easier for me to turn down desserts and even larger portions of regular foods. It was a subtle change, but enough to make a difference.

I lost a couple of pounds by the end of the first week. (It may have even been water, but I had been unable to lose even that before.) I had a second treatment a week later. I am still losing some (1/2 pound 3 days after the second treatment). My weight loss is less this week, but it is still easier to eat less and healthier.

I don’t expect to lose large amounts of weight quickly, but I do expect to gradually continue to lose. I would much rather do weight loss this (healthier) way, getting slow but steady results, than so many other ways that are so much more difficult, more expensive and don’t necessarily last.

I know this is just a start for me, but I am convinced that acupuncture will help me lose the weight I need to.

I would recommend Dr. Stewart and his acupuncture treatment to anyone who wants to lose weight. But more important, I am convinced that, using acupuncture and NAET, Dr. Stewart is able to help many people with health issues get healthy and stay healthy.                                                                                                                                                Pat D.

-Before I started acupuncture and NAET treatments with Dr. Stewart, I had been having chronic knee pain for about a year and a half. My doctor had suggested wearing a knee brace, daily doses of ibuprofen and ultimately, surgery. Because I was not wanting to have surgery, I began to look at other options, and I made my first appointment with Dr. Stewart.

After the first treatment, I "hopped" off the table , absolutely pain-free(!) for the first time in over a year! It took a few more treatments for the positive effects to last, but I have been steadily improving ever since that first visit.
Dr. Stewart is smart, intuitive and cares a lot for his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is having pain or allergy issues.                                              K.H.

-Dr. Stewart is awesome. I'm very glad I tried acupuncture. I will always return, and I will tell people I know to try him.                                                                                                  B.B.

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